Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Handmade Broke-A$$

Considering my current financial situation, I have not had the resources to run out and furnish my apartment with anything I really WANT, actually, I haven't had the resources to buy anything over five dollars.

Now don't think that's going to stop me from having the hottest pad you can fathom. No way.

Introducing "Handmade Broke-A$$"

A blog for people like me, who want a clever, chic and fun apartment for LITTLE to NOTHING. I'm telling you, my living room has cost me a total of

Please check it out, and please follow!



Monday, August 15, 2011

Look, Snap, Repeat.

New Vow: Take my camera with me EVERYWHERE.

I already take my notebook with me at all times, if I don't have it I feel as if I am missing everything. I get much of my inspiration from taking a path I have never gone down on my bike or simply walking into a thrift store. The best part? You don't
have to have the inspiration! Photos are much cheaper!

Stay inspired!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mystic Visions:Linda's apartment

Linda and her forest animal friends, taken last week.

A few beers and a good, long talk decided the direction of Linda's 1980s townhouse. Think of the most mystic, enchanted dream you have ever had. Think of a thin, light fog rolling over a 1980s, pastel toned pad. Feminine, magical, semi-sparkly and very dramatic.(Yet still livable) This is her new home:

The feeling of the apartment, all in one picture!

Foyer: The lightest, mistiest yellow throughout. Brought in through some kind of pattern(stripes?) Yellow is such a welcoming color and is very well suited for her entryway. There will be some sort of "Drop pad" for her keys, purse, etc. Very practical and welcoming space!

1/2 Bath: This is literally the SMALLEST space I have ever been in, most people would see this as a downfall but personally, I love it. It's not really being used at the moment, but who doesn't love that convenient little room when you don't want to run upstairs? Linda is an avid needle pointer, so I'm thinking of taking some sorta needle point pattern blown up to cover the whole bathroom in a pixelated pastel pattern. Going to the bathroom has never been SO FUN!

Stairwell: Here's the kicker-Literally. Albert is painting a HUGE, dreamy unicorn mural(did I mention Linda collects Unicorns?) The carpeting is a deep blue, so it will go great with the mural. Unicorns are usually associated with rainbows, but this one will be all faded pastels and gradients. No strong colors.

The rest of the apartment? Well, you'll just have to wait! I don't want to give ALL my secrets away!

Stay magical...I mean inspired!