Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Alice" in the garden

A few years back at an auction in Montana I was given a ceramic 1960's giant chess set. A few broken pieces here and there, but how could I turn down anything like this for FREE?! I absolutly love the styling on this set. Classic 60's. The queens have cat eyes and the pawn's have handlebar moustaches. Im not sure if someone made the set or it was bought at a store or what, but the quality and attention to detail is fantastic with iridescent glazes and inverted colors.

I took the set home, bought some super glue and dedicated a few hours to fixing all the broken pieces. To my suprise all the pieces were there except for one.(the chip in the knight pictured, I don't mind.) The box has sat in my garage for a few years now until today, when I pulled out the set and got to work filling each and every piece with thin set mortar.   I picture this in my garden under a small gazebo covered in vines. Some of the best gardens have interactive qualities(mazes, rocks across ponds to hop on, etc.) and I'm so excited I can add a whole new element to mine! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beach house blues

Well, today I discovered I love shells and that I love the beach. I am here, alone. It is one of those days when you stop whatever your doing and just go to the beach. Sitting here I wish that someday it would be us walking out golden retrievers on the beach in matching sweatpants. Our dogs in matching T-shirts or maybe even sweaters. I imagine the beach house of "someday". Lakehouse's are alright but I see myself as a beach house kinda guy. A home with light colors, whitewash and a slight breeze. Some 1960's aluminum glasses with cold homemade lemonade made from your very own lemon tree. A beach house is my dream home at this point in time, What's yours?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Paint covers a world of sin



The first major project has started. After a few days of prepping and painting the garden columns and grape trellis have changed from the standard "Builders Beige" to a warm chocolate brown. The change of these columns and trellis marks the first major development in the garden space. Though only a simple coat of paint changing color from beige to brown adds more contrast and the viewer's overall feelings of warmth and interest are peaked. The simple blue accent tiles that decorate the columns breathe a whole new life and the leaves of every plant seem to pop, needless to say, it helped! It's amazing what a simple coat of paint can do to any space and this is another reminder that paint really is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to change your surroundings!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The canvas

I am blessed enough to be living in an old piece of rental property that my parents don't rent anymore, a blessing because of the freedom that is allowed on this space. 5 rooms, each leading into eachother in perfect flow, perfect harmony. One underused garden. A sun room to have your morning coffee in and play records till you doze off in the evenings, the smell of nightblooming jasmine pungent in the summer air.

This little apartment, previously a big old pier and beam home from 1936 that was split in two will serve as my canvas, a place to start a portfolio with, a place to grow. 5 rooms, one large garden and a detatched laundry room. All to be redesigned, rediscovered and reloved. This is an exciting chance to prove my passion and dedication to beautification, quality living and design to myself, but also to others.(YOU!) :)

Starting today, this is a canvas for everyone to view, a simple documentation of a renovation done out of love.