Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The canvas

I am blessed enough to be living in an old piece of rental property that my parents don't rent anymore, a blessing because of the freedom that is allowed on this space. 5 rooms, each leading into eachother in perfect flow, perfect harmony. One underused garden. A sun room to have your morning coffee in and play records till you doze off in the evenings, the smell of nightblooming jasmine pungent in the summer air.

This little apartment, previously a big old pier and beam home from 1936 that was split in two will serve as my canvas, a place to start a portfolio with, a place to grow. 5 rooms, one large garden and a detatched laundry room. All to be redesigned, rediscovered and reloved. This is an exciting chance to prove my passion and dedication to beautification, quality living and design to myself, but also to others.(YOU!) :)

Starting today, this is a canvas for everyone to view, a simple documentation of a renovation done out of love.

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