Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tacky never looked so good: Aquariums

During Junior High and part of High School I was vigilant about keeping an aquarium in my room, I absolutely had to have one and I got quite good at the hobby. Then hit Sophomore year and my interests changed. I started to view cheap little aquariums as a tacky addition to a room, and I'll be totally honest, I still think they are a little cheesy.

Today as I was cleaning out the garage I ran into the aquarium that we gave my grandparents for Christmas(I was so into it I thought everyone had to have one, imagine two 85 year old's expression...yeah)

Needless to say, a few hours of my day were spent cleaning out this 10 gallon Walmart aquarium, you know the type, the "BUT ITS ONLY 50 DOLLARS, MOM!" kinda tank.

So what came over me? What in gods name made me resort to this level of tackiness?

I remembered how much fun they are, how peaceful it was to lay in bed and watch the fish, I remembered the watery blue light that was emitted over my room and I remembered that if you love something, it doesn't matter if its considered tasteful or not. It makes you happy.

Whats something that's considered less than "Designer" that makes you happy?


  1. I think aquariums can be amazing! (Although I know what you mean about the bad ones...) I could live with this one (the one built into the kitchen wall, in particular)--but oh, the maintenance!

  2. Perry-

    Something tells me I could live with this one too!!! Not so sure I could live with the price though!

    Thanks for the comment!