Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting here

I must apologize for my absence! The last couple of weeks have been filled with job searches, moving in and getting things squared away as well as riding our bikes around and walking Mickey while discovering my new city.

I still have NO furniture, NO plants and a less then blog worthy apartment at the moment, but some pictures with my new pad and some inspirations around Austin(there are so many!) will be up soon!

Stay tuned and stay inspired!


  1. Moving is the worst, but I bet you are enjoying your fabulous new surroundings! I've never been to Austin, but I've heard its sensational...esp. 6th street? Well, I'm sure that you'll have some great inspiration from your new home up in no time :)

  2. KAT+MUSE-

    Austin is a fantastic city! Today I went swimming at Barton Springs and enjoyed drum circles in the park. 6th street is great for bars and such but the city has so much to offer.

    Nice to hear from you! Thank you for your comment!