Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adiós, Home! Hola, Austin!

I saw you as a diamond in the rough, a sub-tropical fantasy, a 1930's dream home.

I cleaned you up, brought you to life. I made you fresh again.

I tasted the summer grapes from the arbor over the fountain, looked out my sun room window to see giant sunflowers staring back at me. I ran in circles chasing my dog from room to room, napped in your quiet peace and fell in love in your garden.

You will always be my first home, My first project and most importantly my first love.

Farewell, 805 Coleman Avenue.

It was time, I could have worked on my beloved apartment for years before I got the perfection that I desired. So, I have decided to make the move to Austin, Texas. I'm planning to go a lot further in my career here and have a lot more fun as well! Austin is known for its music but I can't wait to dive into it's design world. I cannot express how excited I am.

Things I'm looking forward to in Austin and the look we are leaning towards in the new apartment:
This would make an amazing light fixture.

Distressed mirrors.

Punchy fun.
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  1. Good luck settling into Austin. I lived there for several years--it's an amazingly creative, fun town!! Judging by the pics of your last apartment, I'm sure your new one will be fabulous!