Thursday, March 31, 2011

Design Inspiration: Trip to Guatemala

"Certainly, travel is more than seeing the sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living."
-Miriam Beard

There is so much to be learned from travel, no amount of schooling can teach you what you learn the first time you step onto a bus alone and venture into another country. Fending for yourself, learning a new language and meeting amazing people along the way. I believe in traveling every step of the trip taken without removing a foot from the ground(aka NO FLYING IF POSSIBLE! You miss SO much!) There is nothing quite like it. I myself travel to soak up as much design inspiration as possible. It is by far the greatest investment of a designers time. Period.

About three month's ago I traveled down to Guatemala by route of bus. Four hard days and I was out of Mexico(my second trip through the country so I didn't stop too much) and onto a small river boat going down the Rio Usmacinta(the river that runs the natural border of Mexico and Guatemala.) I managed to get over the border with a few bucks left in my pocket and I was in Guatemala! It was quite a trip and I got ton's of great ideas as well as nearly having my bus hijacked, food poisioning and parasites(that struck much later...) But let me tell you, ITS ALL WORTH IT FOR THE IDEAS AND INSPIRATION! LIVE, TRAVEL,DESIGN.


  1. amazing pictures! I went to Guatemala 15 years ago to that same piramyd!

  2. I went into many of the temples I was not supposed to go into and had an amazing time at Tikal!

    Thanks so much for the comment!