Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter is my FAVORITE holiday! The weather is nice, the colors are bright and chipper, everything is blooming and like any good holiday there is alot of chocolate.(Very important) Who doesnt have good memories of running around the yard searching for the elusive Easter egg? When found mine were usually filled with pocket change due to South Texas heat melting all chocolate in sight. Money doesnt taste as good but hey, I wasnt complaning. And then there's always the Easter egg you find two months later, stuck in a tree somewhere or in the middle of a fire ant pile. Ah, Easter memories, er, flashbacks...

A few favorite Easter memories for you all:

  • The year I fell in love with dyed baby chicks and my mom actually bought me a pair! We had the heat lamp all set up, the hay in the cage perfectly fluffed and our babies tucked away. The next morning I run out to greet my new friends and what do I find? Blood, feathers and a swinging cage door. A cat had gotten in the cage. HAPPY EASTER KIDS!
  • Pocket change and melted 100 Grands. HAPPY EASTER!
  • The year I wrote a special someone many, many love notes and had an Easter egg hunt around the apartment for them. :) HAPPY EASTER!

There's a few of mine and here's to wishing YOU a Happy Easter! 

What are your favorite Easter memories?

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