Monday, April 11, 2011

Xanadu: The plant room

I have a certain fascination with the mystery and romanticism that comes with a conservatory. I guess it's the Victorian in me but I feel like there is nothing quite like a jungle in your own home, a room to watch the sun come up in with a cup of coffee and your dog. A big pot of Caladiums or Calla lilies to greet you and Joni albums spinning all night long.

My plan's for the sun room are to bring in bold, colorful prints with pillows and curtains, blooming plants and good books everywhere. From the ceiling, behind the couch, lining the shelves, EVERYWHERE! Because this is the first room you pass through when you walk through the door I want it to make an impression. More pictures up soon when I buy a sewing machine and learn to sew those pillows and curtains!(A designer must...pre-made is way over budget and usually very boring!)

I must say that this is my favorite room in the apartment, it's personal, it has many memories and it is constantly changing with the seasons. Although it's not totally done I had to post it up(please ignore the plant tags on the palms! haha, I was deciding if I wanted them when this pic was taken!), This is my favorite room in the house!

How do you think its coming along?


  1. The room looks great! I could spend a lazy afternoon on the couch listening to "Hejira" or "The hissing of summer lawns".

  2. I spend many a mornings listening to "Hejira"! Still looking for "The hissing of summer lawns" Thanks for the comment!