Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two dollars and some tap water

There has been a concrete fountain in my garden for quite a few year's now which is rarely used and frequently forgotten. Not anymore! A little over a week ago I set to work making this forgotten feature a focal point of my garden. Believe it or not, this tranformation only took two dollar's in acrylic paint from Walmart, Tap water and concrete sealer(the most expensive part running around twenty dollars) Quite a change, huh?! 

I love this fountain now. It no longer feel's cold and unwelcoming and when you turn the corner into the garden it immediatly catches your attention as it should! The inspiration is from traveling to Guatemala about a month ago and seeing all the beautiful colonial colors and tones faded from the sun. I also really love the fact that the colors are more saturated in some part's of the fountain than in others giving it a true aged feeling.(I'm telling people my firey latin grandmother from Uruguay painted it many years ago...)

Here's how you can get a similar effect on any of your concrete features:

  • Clean the surface very, very well making sure to remove as much of the dirt and build up you can. I used a brush.
  • Choose your color's, mine main colors were yellow, blue and green. Purple, white and auburn being used for accent colors on the grape's, the angel's hair(I thought about black but I didn't want three dancing Selena's) and white for the wings and they're holy paleness.
  • Mix with water, you want the consistency to be a stain, not a paint! Be sure that the color is saturating the concrete. Two coats were neccesary.
  • Let dry, Brush on two coats of low luster concrete sealer letting it dry between coats.

I can only imagine how this fountain will look when it is a piece of the completed garden, surrounded by blooming flower's and gorgeous green leaves!

How do you think it all turned out?

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