Friday, February 25, 2011

Bang for your buck: Ridiculously large birdcage

Whimsical almost to the point of ridiculous, but still elegant in a over the top, in your face way. I passed this big guy on the way to school the other day and thought "I don't need it." The next day in class it hit me, what was I thinking passing up such an amazing piece?! A piece like this can set a whole array of moods with ease and I passed it up! Thankfully when I went back to the antique store the owner still had it! A steal at only $55.(Minus the prisoner lawn gnomes, they make me laugh for free) Although the distressed metal is nice, I'm not going for a rustic look in the garden. Imagine this painted gold, hanging from a huge hook off of a wall in the garden or painted silver amongst plants in the sun room. Fantasy garden, anyone?

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